Rosoki Posoki Lyrics - Dipanwita Deka

Rosoki Posoki Lyrics - Dipanwita Deka

Dipanwita Deka's career and personal background may be limited online. However, she is known as an Assamese singer who has likely gained recognition for her performances in the Assamese music industry. Dipanwita Deka may have released albums, singles, or music videos in the Assamese language, and she may have participated in concerts, musical events, or television shows showcasing her talent.

To find more specific details about Dipanwita Deka's career accomplishments, it's recommended to explore local Assamese music websites, social media platforms, or news outlets that cover entertainment news in the Assam region. Additionally, reaching out to local music associations or fan communities dedicated to Assamese music may provide further insights into Dipanwita Deka's contributions to the music scene.

Rosoki Posoki Details

  • Lyrics & Composition: ANSHURAJ KASHYAP
  • Mixing & Mastering: DIGANTA BORDOLOI

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Rosoki Posoki Lyrics

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