Aji Bondo Ki Sondere Lyrics By Ambikagiri Rai Choudhury

Aji Bondo Ki Sondere Lyrics

Aji Bondo Ki Sondere Song Details:

Song: Aji Bondo Ki Sondere (আজি বন্দো কি ছন্দেৰে)

Singer: Ambikagiri Rai Choudhury

About Ambikagiri Raichoudhury:

Ambikagiri Raichoudhury, an eminent figure in Assamese literature and a prominent freedom fighter, left an indelible mark on India’s cultural and patriotic landscape. Born in 1885, his multifaceted talents extended beyond being a poet and lyricist to encompass roles as a singer, compelling prose writer, and a fervent social worker.

His contributions weren’t confined to the literary realm; Ambikagiri Raichoudhury was a dedicated news worker and played an influential role as a magazine editor. His pen wielded both artistry and activism, reflecting the fervor of the freedom struggle through his stirring compositions and impassioned writings.

Fondly referred to as Assam Kesari, Raichoudhury’s commitment to the country’s freedom movement was unwavering. His dedication to the cause was exemplary, earning him the esteem and admiration of his peers and countrymen alike.

In 1950, he was honored with the esteemed position of president of the Assam Sahitya Sabha, a testament to his literary prowess and his significant contributions to Assamese literature.

His legacy endures not only through his literary works but also through his tireless efforts as a social reformer and a flagbearer of India’s independence movement. Ambikagiri Raichoudhury’s life stands as a shining example of the profound impact an individual can make through art, activism, and unwavering dedication to a noble cause. His contributions continue to inspire generations, leaving an indelible imprint on the cultural and literary heritage of Assam and India as a whole.

Aji Bondo Ki Sondere Lyrics:—

আজি বন্দো কি ছন্দেৰে

সমাগত বিৰাট নৰনাৰায়ণ ৰূপ

পঙ্কিল পৰাধীন কুঞ্চিত চিত মন

নাই ফুল চন্দন ধূপ ..←২

আজি বন্দো কি ছন্দেৰে

সমাগত বিৰাট নৰনাৰায়ণ ৰূপ

নৰনাৰায়ণ ৰূপ

দূৰ দাপৰত শুনিছোঁ পাণ্ডৱে জয় কৰি সপ্ত ধৰিত্ৰী ←২

যজ্ঞ ৰাজসূয় কৰিলে সমাপন সম্ৰাট হৈ একছত্ৰী

দেশ দেশ জুৰি লাখ লাখ ভূপতি

গালে আহি মূৰ্ত গায়ত্ৰী

আজি দাসত্ব বন্ধন ৰোধিত কন্ঠত

নুফূটে ৰাগিনী অনুৰূপ ←২

আজি বন্দো কি ছন্দেৰে

সমাগত বিৰাট নৰনাৰায়ণ ৰূপ

নৰনাৰায়ণ ৰূপ

কুৰি শতিকাত নাই যজ্ঞ ৰাজসূয় 

নাই ৰজা নৰপতি বৰ্গ

কলুষিত কলি বুলি


নাহে লব ভকতিৰ অৰ্ঘ

সেই নাৰায়ন আজি জাগে নৰৰূপে

মোহাৰি বাধা উপসৰ্গ

আজি প্ৰজাসূয়েৰে হ’ব যজ্ঞ উদযাপন 

আলোডি, নিখিল ভূৱ

আজি বন্দো কি ছন্দেৰে

সমাগত বিৰাট নৰনাৰায়ণ ৰূপ

নৰনাৰায়ণ ৰূপ ||

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