Kuwasun Kuwa Kuwa Lyrics | Lisa Dristi, Neel Akash | Mausom Gogoi

Kuwasun Kuwa Kuwa Lyrics, The newest Assamese song with music was written by Lisa Dristi, with lyrics by Neel Akash. The lyrics of Kuwasun Kuwa Kuwa were composed by Mausom Gogoi.

Song: Kuwasun Kuwa Kuwa

Singer: Lisa Dristi, Neel Akash

Composition: Mausom Gogoi

Lyrics:  Lisa Dristi

Kuwasun Kuwa Kuwa Lyrics

Boi juwa bukur majere mur hoi

Premor mitha mitha noloi

Luwa suwa jenekoi lage hiyar morom

Kakhote paleba ki roi

Monore kothabur koboloi

Oo.. xomoy bur dekhu komei hoi

Nujurei sun tumak saboloi

Kuwasun kuwa kuwa

Bukute huwa duwa eri dim khuwa buwa

Mathu mur tumi huwa

Tumar premot firingoti

Bukute roi jai mur umi umi

Ukhol makhol hiyar akhor

Kora hi tate roi juwa jumi

Hepahor raagi uxahot laagi

Kolija kore xuwodi aa…

Dhuwa megh o ho dhuwa megh

Hugondhi bulai dime gaat

Jiraba aahi ajibon mur bukut xitoli sa

Kuwasun kuwa kuwa monote huwa duwa

Eri dim khuwa buwa

Mathu mur tumi huwa

Kuwasun kuwa bukute huwa duwa

Eri dim khuwa buwa

Mathu mur tumi huwa


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