Bihure Bakorit Song Lyrics – Rakesh Reeyan

Bihure Bakorit Song Lyrics

Bihure Bakorit Song Lyrics. The newest Assamese song, Bihure Bakorit, has lyrics by Rakesh Reeyan and music by Typhoon Music. Budha Jyoti Bezbaruah is the author of the lyrics of the song Bihure Bakorit.

 Bihure Bakorit Song Details:

Song: Bihure Bakorit 

Singer: Rakesh Reeyan 

Musician: Typhoon 

Music Written by: Budha Jyoti Bezbaruah


Bihure Bakorit Song Lyrics

Motoliya mone je ura mare aji

Bisari jai sinaki gaonre poduli

Dhol-pepar-gogonare matot

Kije mitha omiya xur kakhot

Patharuwa aalibaate kuwa

Xunuwali xomoyore kotha

Monote pore xoghonai

Bohagi xure ringiyai

Bihure bakorit dekhi tuke joon

Sokure sawonit tur faguni xopun

Bihure bakorit dekhi tuke joon

Sokure sawonit tur faguni xopun

Xasi thuwa khyon aji kakhote

Eke thore sai rolu tumake

Matire xubakhona pritire

Bohagi pranor eti xurere

Edhani morom senehor majote

Buluwa hopun aji roi kakhote

Emuthi xunuwali dinor kotha

Xuworoni boi hiyare bhajote

Koi jai hey sinaki gaonre

Mon juruwa faguni kothake

Bihure bakorit dekhi tuke joon

Sokure sawonit tur faguni xopun

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