IDGAF Song by Dua Lipa

IDGAF Song by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is a British singer, songwriter, and model. Her music has been described as "urban pop", with influences of R&B and dance-pop. Lipa signed with Warner Music Group in 2015 and released her self-titled debut album in 2017. The album peaked at number three on the UK Albums Chart and was certified platinum by the British Phonographic Industry. In 2018, Lipa won the Brit Award for British Female Solo Artist.

Lipa's second album, Future Nostalgia, was released in 2020 to critical acclaim. The album debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart and became one of the year's best-selling albums worldwide. It also earned Lipa several awards, including her second Brit Award for Album of the Year.

Lipa has achieved success with her singles "New Rules", "IDGAF", "Be the One", and " Electricity". She is known for her energetic live performances and has been nominated for several MTV Video Music Awards. In 2019, she was included on Time's annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

IDGAF Song Details

Artist: Dua Lipa

Released: 2017

Album: Dua Lipa

Genre: Pop

IDGAF Song Lyrics

IDGAF (Rahhhhh)
We layin off
The Kidd!
Steel Banglez!
You know we legit out here
We gang with that shit
Lets go Sidhu!

Oh jatt pura kaim ae ni, IDGAF
Oh barheya nu veham ae ni, IDGAF
Kise te na reham ae ni, IDGAF
Kyonki ajj sada time ae ni, IDGAF

Oh jatt pura kaim ae ni, IDGAF
Barheya nu veham ae ni, IDGAF
Kise te na reham ae ni, IDGAF
Ajj sada time ae ni, IDGAF

Paira thalle landi poochi mere, IDGAF
Oh gaane wajde aa uchi mere, IDGAF
Oh tu ae sasti mashuri wangu, IDGAF
Bass paya hoya gucci tere, IDGAF

Oh kon kida ustaad ae ni, IDGAF
Meri jutti de na yaad ae ni, IDGAF
Oh ohne mere naal khar khahdi, IDGAF
Oh bass hun barbaad ae ni, IDGAF

Still boss aa street'an wich, IDGAF
Kidd wajda ae beat'an wich, Ayo
On call ae Drake naal, IDGAF
Rehge bhonkde tweet'an wich, IDGAF

Oh tu v chun na ae chun lavey, IDGAF
Oh sab khaane ae ch sun lavey, IDGAF
Aive hand free chalu jatt, IDGAF
Jine sunna oh sun lavey, IDGAF

Oh teri saheli mainu miss kare, IDGAF
Oh subah uthde nu wish kare, IDGAF
Oh barha bitch ass boy ae tu, IDGAF
Oh mainu gaane'an ch diss kare, IDGAF

Trust me (Morrisson!)
I'm a gangster from England
Couple gangster Indians
That made it out from the slums
Of Jammu Malik and Made million
Me deep in the trap
Cut down crops like a jatt
I made more money than your dad
And I bust more guns than Sanjay Dutt
I got a big coat like I'm Shaq
And let the AK sing like Sidhu
When that thing goes SKKKRRAAHH
And i pulled my ass out of the party
Stepped out in a new ferarri
New punjabi
All my kudiya's nice you look
Hanji give my blessings (hanji)
I just want peace like Gandhi

[Verse: Sidhu Moose Wala]
Oh ready ak de clip wangu, IDGAF
Jatt walk ea crip wangu, IDGAF
Oh jeonda jagda ta Moose Wala, IDGAF
Kehnde marna mai Nip wangu, IDGAF

Oh tere bha da meme ae main, IDGAF
Oh one man team ae main, IDGAF
Te meri lane wich auna chonde, IDGAF
Kyonki mainstream ea mai, IDGAF

Oh turda ae kale'an mai, IDGAF
Kade kise naal ni raleya mai, IDGAF
Oh tainu gaane ni pasand mere, IDGAF
Dekh hollywood chaleya mai, IDGAF

Oh money on the table ae ni, IDGAF
Oh gabru stable ae ni, IDGAF
Oh lok lebal'an nal sign hunde, IDGAF
Oh Sidhu Moose Wala label ae ni, IDGAF

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Written by: Dua Lipa

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