Eneu Moi Dhuniya Song Lyrics – Meghali Borokha & Bijoy Sankar

Eneu Moi Dhuniya Song Lyrics – Meghali Borokha

Eneu Moi Dhuniya Song Details

Song: Eneu Moi Dhuniya 

Musician: Bijoy Sankar 

Written by: Chinmoy Kaushik & Joy Nirvan 

Eneu Moi Dhuniya Song Lyrics

Aatau noghohu moidau noghohu
Eneu moi dhuniya
Muke dekhi jaano Instagramot
Lorabur hoi ghuniya

Kajolu nalage lipsticku nalage
Nalage foot kopaalot
Logale janone bohu deka lorai
Mori jabo okaalot

Mur pase pase janone
Oi lora dora ase lakhote
Doctor babu nalage Engineer nalage
Tuke deha lagibo
Uretu jibon kakhote
Uretu jibon kakhote jano

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