The Good Witch Lyrics Song by Maisie Peters

The Good Witch Lyrics Song by Maisie Peters

The Good Witch Song Details

Released: 2023

Album: The Good Witch

Genre: Pop

The Good Witch Song Lyrics

Still me here, d'you think I forgot about you
Still upset, but now I'm twenty two
Let's call this, the calm before the storm comes rushing through
And it's Armageddon
Still decoy, still a good witch with her tea
Still bitter, still don't play the black keys
Still wants to politely and properly warn you

This is Armageddon

When all I do is think about the past
And haunt a house nobody lives in
You wanna hear about it, oh where do I start

I guess when it kicks in

Still Kings Cross, and pulling heartbreak out of hats
Still argue like my mother and suppress stuff like my dad
Still miss you, but I know now it will pass
Found some other muses, I give them all my best
I light another candle and I chant under my breath
That I will try forgiveness, but I will not forget, not forget, not forget, not forget
Am I better yet?

When all I do is think about the past
Make it a universe that you can live in
You wanna hear from all the people in my heart
Well OK, when it kicks in

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Written by: Maisie Peters

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