Rooh Jaga Doon Song Lyrics

Rooh Jaga Doon Song Lyrics

Rooh Jaga Doon Song Lyrics, Arijit Singh has released a brand-new Hindi song with the lyrics, "Rooh Jaga Doon," and he also composed the music. Arijit Singh and Shloke Lal wrote the Rooh Jaga Doon song's lyrics, and Arijit Singh also released the music video. 

The song is embellished with Arijit's signature mellifluous voice. His ability to transition between different musical notes, adding depth to every word, makes this song a soul-stirring experience. It's a testament to why Arijit Singh is considered one of the most versatile playback singers in Bollywood today.

Song: Rooh Jaga Doon 
Singer: Arijit Singh 
Lyrics: Shloke Lal, Arijit Singh 
Music: Arijit Singh

Rooh Jaga Doon Song Lyrics

Rooh Jaga Doon

Tujhe Subah Dikha Doon

Phir Tere Ghaav Sehla Ke Aa

Main Sula Doon

Aansuon Ko

Aankhon Mein Jo Tu Chhupaye

Tujhko Aagosh Mein Mein Leke

Dhun Suna Doon

Dhoondhne Pe Bhi Agar

Aaun Na Main Jo Nazar

Tu Doob Hi Jaaye

Gham Ke Saare Baadlon

Ka Ruka Sa Baandh Tera

Toot Hi Jaaye

Zakhmon Pe Mein

Tere Marham Laga Doon

Hui Yeh Palkein Jo Bhari Teri

Main Bhoola Doon

Rooh Jaga Doon

Aa Phir Subah Dikha Doon

Baahon Mein Bhar Ke

Aa Phir Wahi Dhoon Gunguna Doon

Mayusi Mein Jab Tere

Dil Mein Ho Andhera

Main Aa Jaunga

Dhoondh Ke Tere Liye

Chaand Ke Sunehra

Main Le Aaunga

Ghabrao Na Jaao Na

Jo Bikharne Lage Tera Jahan

Reh Jaunga Aur Sawaar Doonga

Tera Aashiyan Ho Ho

Ghabrao Na Jaao Na

Andheron Mein Kahin Jaao Na

Andheron Se Roshni Ki Oar

Tumko Hai Le Jaana Ho Ho

Andheron Se

Tujhko Aagosh Mein Main Leke

Gunguna Doon Dhun Suna Doon

Ho Ho Ho Yeah Yeah..

Ghabrao Na Ghabrao Na Ghabrao Na

Jaao Na Jaao Na Ghabrao Na

Ho Jaao Na Ghabrao Na

Jaao Na Jaao Na Ghabrao Na

Jaao Na Ghabrao Na Jaao Na Jaao Na

Yeah Yeah Ho Ho..

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