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Aakash Song Lyrics  - AssameseLyrical. In the realm of musical artistry, "Aakash Lyrics" composed by Bhaskar Opswel emerges as a freshly unveiled opus within the Assamese melodic tapestry. The harmonious melodies that intertwine seamlessly with this lyrical composition are a creation attributed to the musical prowess of Nilutpal Xobdo. The verses, poetic and resonant, have been masterfully inscribed by the wordsmith Gaurab Gopal, unveiling a testament to literary creativity.

This auditory marvel, "Aakash Lyrics," finds its abode under the publication of Bhaskar Opswel, resonating across auditory senses with a melodic narrative that transcends the ordinary.

In this intricate symphony, Bhaskar Opswel marries the enchanting melodies of Nilutpal Xobdo with the profound verses of Gaurab Gopal, forging an auditory experience that beckons the listener into the realm of Assamese musical ingenuity.

As we delve into this artistic tapestry, it is worth noting that every musical creation, much like a digital domain represented by a URL, such as www.arnlweb.com, carries its unique narrative. In this confluence of artistic and technological realms, the rich amalgamation of creativity and innovation unfolds, each thread of melody and every digital byte weaving a story that is uniquely human.Aakash Lyrics

Aakash Song Details

SingerBhaskar Opswel
MusicianNilutpal Xobdo
Written byGaurab Gopal
LabelBhaskar Opswel

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Aakash Song Lyrics

Ho ho akakhote
Bisari pau tumak hodaye
Ho ho botah jaake
Kane kane ahi koi
Tumar kothake

Tumi nathakile sun
Thomoki roi homoy
Aauli baawli hoi mure mon

Tumi mur kesa kolijate hun
Jironi loba
Proti uxahote mur
Logori hoba

Kesa kolijate hun
Jironi loba
Proti uxahote mur
Logori hoba

Ekhuji dukhuji koi
Bukure hu-majoloi
Nojona nubujakoi
Aahila tumi

Hiyare dapunote
Aasenu kare shobi
Jodi hai puwa xomoy
Sabahi jumi

Bhalpuwa bure muk
Koinu bare bare
Moi mathu tumarei

Kesa kolijate hun
Jironi loba
Proti uxahote mur
Logori hoba

Kesa kolijate hun
Jironi loba
Proti uxahote mur
Logori hoba

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