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Swabhiman Lyrics
, beautifully rendered by the talented Zubeen Garg. The lyrics and melody are the brainchild of Nabajyoti Bhattacharjya, and this artistic creation was unveiled on the 14th of March, 2021.

Swabhiman Song Details

  • Assamese Song “Swabhiman Lyrics
  • Singer: Zubeen Garg
  • Producer/Arrangement: Trishanu Bhuyan
  • Lyrics & Tune By Nabajyoti Bhattacharjya
  • Music & Arrangement: Rajib Saikia
  • Mix & Mastering : Diganta Bordoloi
  • Label: Dhwani Records

Subhiman Song Lyrics

Jhir Jhir Koi Luit

Khoni Aase Boi

Axomiyar Swabhiman

Bukute Bandhiloi

Sawlung Sukafai Axom Gorhile

Lachite Bosale Axom

Ai Khon Xunor Axom

Ai Khon Sukafar Lachitor Axom




Doba Gaang Mridongor Homahare

Xonkor Aajane Homonnoy Rosee




Hottro Namghor Protisthare

Axomiya Jaati Aami Eke Dulere




Eti Kuli Duti Paat

Xari Xari Bagisat

Xunute Xuwodaal Sora

Madolor Sewe Sewe

Rajbibo Duba Xate

Ulahote Jhumur Nasi Jaa

Kaziranga Muhoniya

Ehingiyai Dhore Khela

Pahar Bhoyam Binondiya

Axomiyai Rupor Maya

Bishnu Jutir Jononir Gaan

Axomiyaar Borhale Maan




Muga Riha Pindhi Rosoki Bai

Muga Riha Pindhi Rosoki Bai

Aaji Jogot Khon Bhal Loi Jai

Aaji Jogot Khon Bhal Loi Jai

Nana Jaati Upo Jati

Xobe Mili Aami

Bor Axomiya Jati

Nana Jati Upo Jati

Xobe Mili Aami

Bor Axomiya Jati

Xobe Mili Aami

Bor Axomiya Jati

Xobe Mili Aami

Bor Axomiya Jaati

Xobe Mili Aami

Bor Axomiya Jaati

Music Video Of Swabhiman Song



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