Juddha Song Lyrics AssameseLyrical

Juddha Song Lyrics AssameseLyrical

Juddha Song Lyrics AssameseLyrical.
Pran Deep is a rising star in the Assamese music scene, bringing fresh energy and soulful vocals to the traditional Bihu melodies and contemporary Pop-Rock sounds. Here are some details about him:

Musical Style:

  • Known for blending traditional Bihu rhythms with modern Pop and Rock influences, creating a unique and engaging sound.
  • His songs often feature catchy melodies, relatable lyrics, and energetic delivery.
  • Draws inspiration from Assamese musical legends like Bhupen Hazarika and Kangkan Barua, while adding his own contemporary twist.

Popular Songs:

  1. Koneng: This romantic ballad, released in 2023, was an instant hit, garnering over 22 million views on YouTube.
  2. Moi Enekuwai Dei: A soulful and emotional song released in 2021, showcasing his vocal range and ability to connect with listeners.
  3. Palki: A vibrant and celebratory Bihu song released in 2023, perfect for getting you in the festive spirit.
  4. Juddha: A powerful and emotive song released in 2024, showcasing his versatility and ability to tackle darker themes.

Achievements and Recognition:

Gained immense popularity in Assam and beyond, attracting a large fan base on social media platforms.
Performed at numerous live shows and concerts, including major festivals and events.
Featured in several interviews and media articles, solidifying his position as a leading voice in contemporary Assamese music.
Future Prospects:

Pran Deep continues to release new music regularly, experimenting with different sounds and collaborations.
He actively interacts with his fans on social media, building a strong and loyal community.
With his talent, passion, and growing popularity, he has the potential to become a major figure in the Assamese music scene for years to come.
Additional Resources:

Explore his official YouTube channel (Pran Deep Musical) for music videos and live performances.
Follow him on Instagram (@pran_deep) and Facebook (Pran Deep Hazarika) for updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses.
Discover more Assamese music and artists on popular streaming platforms like Spotify or YouTube Music.

Juddha Song Deatils

SingerPran Deep Hazarika Ft. Ridipta Sharma
MusicBijoy Sankar
LyricsSunit Gogoi
CompositionPran Deep (Traditional)
MixingPalash Gogoi
MasteringDiganta Bordoloi
Dhul, Khul, TaalPankaj Bora
Guitar, LeleRupam Sharma
FluteAnjan Medhi
Pepa, GogonaPity Borah
BGMBijoy Sankar & Subhas Dohutia
Backing VocalsBijoy Sankar

Juddha Song Lyrics Video

Juddha Song Lyrics

Mur Mone Koy Mur Hobi Toi
Mon Bhora Koi Morom Korim Moi
Koy Mone Koy Mur Hobi Toi
Morom Koru Moi Ah Kakholoi
Nasi Nasi Ahi Nasi Pokhila
Hahi Hahi Khali Bukure Kolija
Moina Jan Bhuloto Toi Nabhabibi
Eri Jam

Jaan Oi Jaan Toi Mure Jaan
Moi Tuk Napale Jam Mori Jam
Pakhi Loga Pokhila Moi Pakhi Lahi Moi
Barhi Oha Dehati Kumolokoi Joubon
Bhal Pale Pa Hosake Paa
O Napa Jodi Ja Atori Jaa
O Kinu Koru Soy

Judho Hobo Morormore
Judho Hobo Jouboner
Judho Hobo Bhoyamoya
Judho Hobo Diya Lua
Nasi Nasi Ahi Nasoni Pokhila
Hahi Hahi Khali Bukure Kolija
Moina Jan Bholoto Toi Nabhabibi Eri Jam
Jaan Oi Jaan Toi Mure Jan
Moi Tuk Napale Jam Mori Jam

Hoi Sari Oi Pas Soy Gaw Suwali Supti Nolobi
Seni Puthi Mass
Aiko Hate Ne Aaj
Nogoya Nasoni Matote Nisire
Bukur Bohai Haaj
Nasi Nasi Ahi Nasoni Pokhila
Hahi hai khali Bukure Kolija
Moina Jan Bhuloto Toi 
Nabhabhi Eri Jam
Jan Oi Jan Toi Mure Jan
Moi Tuk Napale Jam Mori Jam

Juddha Song Status Video

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Juddha Music Video


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