Top 10 Indian YouTubers with the Largest Subscriber Base and Popular Following

Discover the stars of India's YouTube scene with our list of the Top 10 Indian YouTubers who havecaptivated millions with their engaging content. From comedy sketches to gaming adventures and educational channels, these creators have not only amassed a massive subscriber base but also gained widespread recognition and admiration across the digital landscape. Join us as we delve into the world of India's most popular YouTube sensations and explore what makes them the household names they are today.

1. Ajay Nagar: @CarryMinati

CarryMinati, also known as Ajey Nagar, stands out as one of India's most beloved YouTubers, boasting an impressive 41.6 million subscribers on his primary channel. His journey began in 2014, initially focusing on football tutorials when he was just 10 years old, before diversifying into a wide array of content.

Ajey's channel offers a smorgasbord of entertainment, ranging from comedic sketches to diss tracks and live gaming sessions. However, it was his roast videos that catapulted him to stardom, especially when targeting fellow creators like BBkiVines, all accompanied by his clever Hindi commentary.

With smash hits like "Yalgaar" garnering over 360 million views, Ajey has not only won awards and graced magazine covers but also collaborated with numerous other creators. Despite his meteoric rise, Ajey remains down-to-earth, continuously innovating and teaming up with others to keep his content dynamic and captivating.

Through his infectious humor and undeniable skill, CarryMinati has become a household name, captivating millions and solidifying his place as an icon of India's digital age.

@Carryminati Youtube Channel :

2.  Ajay variya: @Ajju Bhai 

Ajay Variya, better known as Ajju Bhai, stands tall among India's top YouTubers. His YouTube channel "Total Gaming" made its debut in 2018 and has since amassed an impressive 40.6 million subscribers on its main platform.

While Ajju Bhai is renowned for his live streams featuring Garena Free Fire gameplay, he has also cultivated a dedicated fan base through his ventures into Minecraft and other PC games. These captivating live streams have collectively garnered over 30 million views, with particular attention drawn to his collaborative video with Desi Gamer titled "Ajjubhai94 Vs Amitbhai(Desi Gamer) Best Clash Battle - Garena Free Fire," boasting over 39 million views and continuing to attract more.

Beyond his gaming exploits, Ajju Bhai also leads the Free Fire Esports organization known as Total Gaming eSports and actively participates as the team's fifth player, adding another dimension to his multifaceted online presence.

@Total Gaming Youtube channel 

3. Ashish Chanchlani: @ashishchanchlanivines

Ashish Chanchlani, known for his infectious humor and as an inspiration to young minds, is a pioneer among Indian YouTubers, especially in creating real-life humor showcased through his vines.

Ashish has been a stalwart in the YouTube comedy landscape for several years. His channel boasts a variety of content, including character portrayals that resonate with audiences. His ability to capture the essence of everyday situations affecting young people showcases his immense talent, evident from his impressive 30.2 million subscribers.

The breadth of his content spans across comedy, Bollywood, and mimicry, drawing a dedicated following that often leads to collaborations with Bollywood stars seeking promotion for their films. His popular videos have collectively garnered over 120 million views, with standout hits like "Tuition classes aur Bache" amassing a staggering 159 million views, making it a fan favorite.

Chanchlani's accolades include the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award for Best Digital Influencer and the 'Best Comedy Influencer' title at the prestigious World Bloggers Awards during the Cannes Film Festival. He also made a cameo appearance in "Men In Black: International" in the same year, further solidifying his presence as a multifaceted entertainer.

@ashishchanchlanivin Youtube Channel 

4. Bhuvan Bam: @BBKvines

Bhuvan Bam, the trailblazer who became the first Indian YouTuber to hit 10 million followers, is not just a YouTube sensation but also a singer, composer, and comedian who found his footing on social media.

Famous for his comedic series 'BB ki Vines,' Bhuvan portrays various characters in a typical Indian middle-class family, shedding light on social and economic issues in a humorous manner. This series has captured the hearts of 26.4 million subscribers, cementing his status as one of India's most influential social media personalities.

Bhuvan's journey began with simple selfie videos, one of which gained significant traction, leading him to launch his comedic YouTube channel. His content is raw and unfiltered, covering everyday topics with a light-hearted approach that not only entertains but also keeps viewers engrossed for hours.

Beyond YouTube, Bhuvan uses his comedic talent to deliver important public service announcements while entertaining his Instagram followers. His series 'Time to be a Hero' includes timely pieces addressing survival during lockdown and social isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, showcasing his versatility and relevance in today's digital landscape.

@BBKvinesYoutubr Channel

5. Ujjwal Chaurasia: @TechnoGamerzOfficial

Chaurasia embarked on his YouTube journey back in 2017, quickly amassing a substantial fan base, largely drawn to his captivating GTA gameplay series. His channel boasts a diverse range of content, spanning tutorials, tech reviews, gaming highlights, and entertaining real-life anecdotes. In addition to his primary channel, he runs 'Ujjwal Gamer', dedicated to mobile gaming adventures. Renowned as one of India's youngest and most beloved gaming personalities, Chaurasia recently unveiled his debut music video titled 'Game On', further expanding his creative repertoire.

@TechnoGamerzOfficial Youtube Channel 

6. Nazim Zayn Wasim: @Round2hell

Round2Hell, a YouTube sensation, blends science fiction, humor, and various genres. Founded in 2015 by friends Zayn, Wasim, and Nazim, the channel initially showcased diverse content from comedic sketches to football tutorials. A hair-raising drift incident dubbed "Round2Hell" on Instagram inspired the channel's name.

Known for its unique style and colloquial language, Round2Hell crafts immersive settings for its viewers. They strive to deliver exclusive content, ensuring each visit is a memorable experience. Iconic videos like "AADIMANAV" and "MEN ON MISSION | MOM" showcase their comedic prowess, delighting audiences.

Boasting 32.7 million subscribers, Round2Hell stands out as one of India's top YouTube channels, captivating viewers with its creative blend of genres and engaging storytelling.

7. Dilraj Singh Rawat @MRINDIANHACKER

Dilraj Singh Rawat, also known as Mr. Indian Hacker, has risen to fame as an Indian YouTube star with an impressive 37 million subscribers. His channel features a diverse range of content, from gadget reviews and clever hacks to captivating science experiments and engaging DIY projects. Notable videos like "Running Bike On Water – 100% Working Trick" and "We Made Secret Tunnel Swimming Pool – Underground" have garnered widespread attention.

Despite facing educational challenges, Dilraj's determination led him to pursue his passion on YouTube, where he gained recognition for his innovative problem-solving techniques and entertaining scientific

Dilraj's journey serves as an inspiration, showcasing the power of dedication and hard work in the realm of content creation. While he keeps his personal life private, it's known that he is married and lives with his family in Ajmer. His remarkable ascent from a humble village background to a prominent figure in India's YouTube community underscores the transformative impact of passion and perseverance on the path to success.

@MRINDIANHACKER Youtube Channel 

8. Amit Bhadana: @AmitBhadana 

Amit Bhadana is a multi-talented Indian personality, excelling as a comedian, writer, actor, director, and one of India's most prominent YouTubers. His journey began in 2017 when he started creating Hindi comedy videos on YouTube, quickly rising to fame as the first Indian YouTuber to reach 20 million subscribers. Bhadana's comedic style often revolves around humorous parodies of his friends, family, and their everyday interactions. He has also ventured into music, releasing songs like "Father Saab," a heartfelt tribute to his father.

With a massive following of 24.5 million subscribers and over 2.42 billion total views, Bhadana's channel is a powerhouse of entertainment. His popular videos like "Parichay – Amit Bhadana (Official Music Video)" and "Types Of People in a Bus – Amit Bhadana" have garnered immense viewership, showcasing his comedic prowess and ability to connect with his audience through engaging content.

9. Sandeep Maheshwari: @SandeepSeminars

Sandeep Maheshwari is renowned for his motivational speeches, entrepreneurial triumphs, and role as the CEO of ImagesBazaar, a leading stock photography platform. His impactful "Life-Changing Seminar," offered free of charge, has touched the lives of millions worldwide. Beginning his journey as a freelance photographer, Maheshwari went on to establish ImagesBazaar in 2006, earning acclaim as a prominent figure among India's young entrepreneurs and motivational speakers.

His inspirational talks and seminars have struck a chord with countless individuals, reflected in his massive YouTube following of over 28 million subscribers. Notable videos like "Make Money From Money – By Sandeep Maheshwari | Hindi" and "MORNING MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO – Sandeep Maheshwari" have resonated deeply with viewers.

Maheshwari's achievements have been recognized with numerous awards, underscoring his contributions as an entrepreneur and motivational icon. His story is a testament to the profound impact of dedication and inspiration, inspiring many on their own journeys to success.

@SandeepSeminars YoutubeChannel 

10. Gaurav Chaudhary: @TechnicalGuruji

Technical Guruji, also known as Gaurav Choudhary, is a prominent figure in the tech realm, particularly on YouTube. He launched his channel, "Technical Guruji," in 2015, simplifying intricate tech concepts into accessible Hindi content for a broader audience. With an impressive subscriber base exceeding 23 million, his channel has solidified its status as one of the world's most popular tech platforms.

Gaurav's immense success is mirrored in his substantial net worth, estimated in crores. Sporting a luxurious collection of high-end vehicles like the Rolls Royce Ghost, McLaren GT, and Range Rover Vogue, he leads a lavish lifestyle in Dubai.

Beyond his content, Gaurav actively engages with his audience through social media interactions and live sessions, fostering a strong sense of community among his followers. His journey from a young coder in Ajmer to a global tech influencer with millions of fans epitomizes his passion for technology and his knack for simplifying complex concepts for audiences of all tech backgrounds.

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