DMCA Policy

DMCA policy

This Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy ("Policy") applies to the website ("Website" or "Service") and any of its related products and services (collectively, "Services") and outlines how this Website operator ("Operator", "we", "us" or "our") addresses copyright infringement notifications and how you ("you" or "your") may submit a copyright infringement complaint.

Protection of intellectual property is of utmost importance to us and we ask our users and their authorized agents to do the same. It is our policy to expeditiously respond to clear notifications of alleged copyright infringement that comply with the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") of 1998, the text of which can be found at the U.S. Copyright Office website. This DMCA policy was created with the help of the DMCA policy generator.

What to consider before submitting a copyright complaint

Before submitting a copyright complaint to us, consider whether the use could be considered fair use. Fair use states that brief excerpts of copyrighted material may, under certain circumstances, be quoted verbatim for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research, without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder. If you have considered fair use, and you still wish to continue with a copyright complaint, you may want to first reach out to the user in question to see if you can resolve the matter directly with the user.

Please note that if you are unsure whether the material you are reporting is in fact infringing, you may wish to contact an attorney before filing a notification with us.

The DMCA requires you to provide your personal information in the copyright infringement notification. If you are concerned about the privacy of your personal information, you may wish to hire an agent to report infringing material for you.

Notifications of infringement

If you are a copyright owner or an agent thereof, and you believe that any material available on our Services infringes your copyrights, then you may submit a written copyright infringement notification ("Notification") using the contact details below pursuant to the DMCA. All such Notifications must comply with the DMCA requirements. You may refer to a DMCA takedown notice generator or other similar services to avoid making mistake and ensure compliance of your Notification.

Filing a DMCA complaint is the start of a pre-defined legal process. Your complaint will be reviewed for accuracy, validity, and completeness. If your complaint has satisfied these requirements, our response may include the removal or restriction of access to allegedly infringing material.

If we remove or restrict access to materials or terminate an account in response to a Notification of alleged infringement, we will make a good faith effort to contact the affected user with information concerning the removal or restriction of access, along with instructions for filing a counter-notification.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any portion of this Policy, the Operator reserves the right to take no action upon receipt of a DMCA copyright infringement notification if it fails to comply with all the requirements of the DMCA for such notifications.


A user who receives a copyright infringement Notification may make a counter-Notification pursuant to sections 512(g)(2) and (3) of the US Copyright Act. If you receive a copyright infringement Notification, it means that the material described in the Notification has been removed from our Services or access to the material has been restricted. Please take the time to read through the Notification, which includes information on the Notification we received. To file a counter-notification with us, you must provide a written communication compliant with the DMCA requirements.

Please note that if you are not sure whether certain material infringes the copyrights of others or that the material or activity was removed or restricted by mistake or misidentification, you may wish to contact an attorney before filing a counter-notification.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any portion of this Policy, the Operator reserves the right to take no action upon receipt of a counter-notification. If we receive a counter-notification that complies with the terms of 17 U.S.C. § 512(g), we may forward it to the person who filed the original Notification.

The process described in this Policy does not limit our ability to pursue any other remedies we may have to address suspected infringement.

Changes and amendments

We reserve the right to modify this Policy or its terms relating to the Website and Services at any time, effective upon posting of an updated version of this Policy on the Website. When we do, we will revise the updated date at the bottom of this page.

Reporting copyright infringement

If you would like to notify us of the infringing material or activity, you may do so via the contact form or send an email to [email protected]

This document was last updated on May 17, 2021



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Das,1,Ja Debi Sarba Bhutesu Lyrics,1,Ja Ja Majoni Lyrics,1,Jaan,1,Jaanmoni,1,Jaboloi Khojote Lyrics,1,Jaboloi Khujote Lyrics,1,Jag Bharotor Nabajuwan Lyrics,1,Jag Jag Jag Mojdur Lyrics,1,Jaga Abhinaba Sonde Lyrics,1,Jaga Jaga Lyrics,1,Jagjit Singh,1,Jai Jai Axomir Lyrics,1,Jai Rupmugdha Lyrics,1,Jai Xagoror Bukur Majot Lyrics,1,Jajabori Priya Mur Lyrics,1,Jana Gana Mana,1,Jana Gana Mon Jyoti Lyrics,1,Janak Puror Jankiye Lyrics,1,Janaknandini,1,Janam Janam Lyrics,1,Janani Mur Pujare Mandir Lyrics,1,Jananir Xontan Jaga Lyrics,1,Jananir Xontan Lyrics,1,Janata Tur Pranoru Pranot Lyrics,1,Janata Tur Puhor Lyrics,1,Janilu Janilu Je Moi Lyrics,1,Jantra,1,Janu Bondhu Lyrics,1,Janu Janu Janu Song Lyrics,1,Janu Janu Lyrics,2,Janu Janu Moiu Jaanu,1,Janu Janu Xundor Lyrics,1,Jatin Bora,2,Jatin Sharma,2,Jauti Jugiya Dhone Mur Lyrics,1,Jautijugiya Dhaney Lyrics,1,Jay Alokmoy Lyrics,1,Jay Hind Lyrics,1,Jay Jay Danob Lyrics,1,Jay Jyotirupa Jay Lyrics,1,Jay Nirvan,1,Jay Rupmugdho Lyrics,1,Jayanta Das,3,Jayanta Hazarika,24,Jetiya Xunali Hoi Lyrics,1,Jetuka Huwana,1,Jetuka Jetuka Lyrics,1,Jhak Jhak Rail Lyrics,1,Ji Mororm Xasisilu Lyrics,1,Jibon Bhori Tumare Gaan Lyrics,1,Jibon Jura Khyatiye Lyrics,1,Jibon Xindhu Bohu Bindure Hoi Lyrics,1,Jibone Jibone Moi Lyrics,1,Jibonor Ramdhenu Poem,1,Jibonor Ramdhenu Poem Lyrics,1,Jibonot Jodi Jola Nai Lyrics,1,Jibonot Joto Gan Galu Lyrics,1,Jibontu Jodi Abhinay Hoi Lyrics,1,Jibonture Kandunkhini Lyrics,1,Jik Mik Dewalir Banti Lyrics,1,jilele jilele,1,Jilika Pakhire Lyrics,2,Jilikoni Lyrics,1,Jilimili Jilimili Lyrics,1,Jilmil Jun Jole Kopalot Lyrics,1,Jilmil Xonowali Din Lyrics,1,Jinti Das,1,Jinyidas,1,Jir Jir Koi Buwa Nijora Lyrics,1,Jishu Raj,2,Jitu Sarma,1,Jitul Sonowal,9,Jiya Jiya Lyrics,1,Jodi Jibone Kande Lyrics,1,Jodi Kahaniba Xurbur Lyrics,1,Jodi Ketiyaba Lyrics,1,Joi Barua,1,jonake bisare ki,1,Jonaki O Jonaki Lyrics,1,Jonanu Ranjan Lyrics,1,Jonkey Borthakur,1,Jonki,1,Jonkie Borthakur,1,Jonome Jonome Lyrics,1,joubon doi,1,Joy Nirvan,3,Joya Nai Joya Nai,1,Juge Juge Prati Khuje Lyrics,1,Juire Aakili Tora Akakhot Lyrics,1,Juire Ki Xur Lyrics,1,Jumi Jumi Salu Lyrics,1,junaak borah,1,Junak Gola Lyrics,1,Junake Kane Kane Lyrics,2,Junaki Karengot Lyrics,2,Junaki Mon,1,Junaki No Junaki Lyrics,1,Junaki Raati,1,Junaki Rati Lyrics,1,Junakor Desh - Nixongo Mon Lyrics,1,Junbai,2,Junjun,1,Junor Jeuti Fulonit Pori Lyrics,1,Junor Junak Bhal Puwa Lyrics,1,Junor Junak Lyrics,1,Junuwali Nikhar Lyrics,1,Juwa Rati Megh Sopora Lyrics,1,Jyoti Prakash Das,1,Jyoti Prasad Agarwala,273,Jyotirmoy Kakati,2,Kaar Gharar Lakhimi Lyrics,1,Kaar Nu Bin Baje Lyrics,1,kabita das,1,Kait Jungor Majotei Mur Lyrics,1,Kaitiya Bonoloi Najabi Lyrics,1,Kaitiya Xonxarotei Lyrics,1,Kajal Lata,1,Kajal Sharma,1,KajiRonga Bor Dhuniya Lyrics,1,Kajoli Dusokut,1,Kajoli Dusokut Lyrics,1,Kak Bulilu Kune Nije Lyrics,1,Kakini Tamulor Lyrics,1,Kaknu Xuwori Lyrics,1,Kallul Kashyap Mahanta,1,Kalor Kulat Jilikise Lyrics,1,Kalpana,2,Kalpashi Gayan,1,Kamalananda Bhatacharjya,1,Kamalananda Bhattacharyya,1,KANCHANJANGHA,3,Kanchanjangha Lyrics,1,Kane Kane Aji Xei Kotha Lyrics,1,Kar Akakhor Raamdhenu Lyrics,1,Kar Gharor Lakhimi Lyrics,1,Kar Hahitiye Lyrics,1,Kar Janu Poroxot Lyrics,2,Kar Ondho Sokut Lyrics,1,Kar Porokh Lyrics,1,Kar Tez Aji Lyrics,1,Kar Xuworoni Lyrics,1,Karengor Ligiri,1,Karkhanar Bonuwa Lyrics,1,Karkhanare Sitir Humuniya Lyrics,1,kauri pore,1,Kavita Krishnamurthy,6,Keng Kuru Keng Kuru Lyrics,1,Kerela Tita Tita Lyrics,1,Keshab Mahanta,7,Keteki Xuloka Lyrics,1,Ketekir Gundh Jodi Lyrics,1,Khagen Mahanta,5,Khanikor,1,Khiriki Melutei Lyrics,1,Ki Bisari Ure Jibon Lyrics,1,Ki Je Tumar Hongo Priya Lyrics,1,Ki Kohokkoi Lohokkoi Lyrics,1,Ki Kothati Kola Lyrics,1,Ki Naam Di Matim Lyrics,1,Ki Naam Xudhibor Mon Lyrics,1,Kiba Jen Nai Lyrics,1,Kinu Bipangote Lyrics,1,Kinu Moromor Jori Lyrics,1,Kinu Pokhiye Lyrics,1,Kinu Toi Bisari (Nayak Hobo) Lyrics,1,Kinu Xuriya Ganere Lyrics,1,Kio Ei Hongjom Asoron Lyrics,1,Kio Sokuye Sokuye Sala Lyrics,1,Kirtikamal Bhuyan,1,KISHORE BARUAH,1,Kiyonu Nidiya Lyrics,1,Kobine Kothati Lyrics,1,Kobita Kenekoi Likhe Lyrics,1,Kobitare Sobi Aak Lyrics,1,Kohua Bon Mur Oxanta Mon Lyrics,1,Kohuwa Kumol Lyrics,1,Kokal Khamusiya Lyrics,1,Koli Jugor Prem Lyrics,1,Koli Meliley Lyrics,1,Koliya Meghe Lyrics,1,Koneng Oi Lyrics,1,Kong Seng,1,Kong Seng Song Lyrics,1,Konman Borkhire Sip Lyrics,1,Korobi Pahi Lyrics,1,Koto Juwanor Mrityu,1,Koto Saki Lyrics,1,Koutipoti Hobole Mon Jai Lyrics,1,Krishnachura Tumar Pranor Lyrics,1,Kriti Kamal Bhuyan,1,Kuhipat Jen Kumol Lyrics,1,Kuk Kuk Lyrics,1,Kul Deep,1,Kuladhar Rabha,6,Kuli Ketekiye Lyrics,1,Kuli Vol-3,1,Kumar Sanu,8,Kun Batenu Puhor Lyrics,1,Kun Jibonor Mohasilpiye Lyrics,1,Kun Kot Aaso Lyrics,1,Kun Kot Aso Lyrics,1,Kun Kun Ahisa Lyrics,1,Kun kun Ahiso Lyrics,1,Kun Meghor Xun Hoi Borokhun Lyrics,1,Kun Tumi,1,Kune Dukhiyar Vatmuthi Karhi Lyrics,1,Kune Geet Gali Lyrics,1,Kune Koi Moi Akolxoriya Lyrics,1,Kune Kole Tuk Lyrics,1,Kune Patibo Khujiso Lyrics,1,Kune Prane Nuhuwake Lyrics,1,Kune Ringiyai,1,Kussum Kailash,4,Kuxumbor Putra Lyrics,1,Laden Asil Polai,1,Lahe Lahe Barhise Lyrics,1,Lahe Lahe Lyrics,1,Laje Laje Rolahi Lyrics,1,Lajor Naam Rongin Polakh Lyrics,1,Lajore Uroni Lyrics,1,Lakhimai 2017,1,Lakhyahinata Poem,1,Lakshminath Bezbaroa,1,Lata Mangeshkar,3,Laxmikant Pyarelal,1,Logori Tumi Mor Hobane Lyrics,1,Loi Ahisu Camera Lyrics,1,Loi Juwa Ekebare Lyrics,1,Loilakhe Teusun Lyrics,1,Long Leng Lyrics,1,Losposi Lyrics,1,Lota Bordoloi,1,Luitor Akakhot Lyrics,1,Lyrics,3,Lyrics In Assamese,4,Ma Ami Sadiyaloi Jamei Lyrics,1,maa,4,Maa aami sadiyaloi,1,Madhu Daanava Daron Lyrics,1,Maghore Mahote Lyrics,1,Maghot Dekhu Uruka Nohoi Lyrics,1,Mah Korai Lyrics,1,Mahabahu Brahmaputra,2,Mahadeva Lyrics,1,Mahalakshmi Iyer,5,Mahalaxmi,2,MAIJAAN Vol4,1,Majulir Ejoni Suwaliye Lyrics,1,Malabika Bora,2,Malobika Bora,2,Manar Nijanat Lyrics,1,Manas Robin,3,Manash Hazarika,1,Manikjuri Bagisat Lyrics,1,Manisha Hazarika,1,Manjyotsna Goswami Mahanta,1,Manjyotsna Mahanta,3,Manna Dey,2,Mansi,2,Manuhe Manuhar Babe Lyrics,1,manuhe manuhor babe lyrics,1,Manuhjoni Main Lyrics,1,Masole Goisilung Lyrics,1,Masore Bhal Pau Lyrics,1,Mathu Tumi Lyrics,1,Mati Mur Apun Oi Lyrics,1,Mausam Gogoi,1,Mausumi Saharia,1,Maya,1,Maya Mathu Maya,1,Maya Mathu Maya Assamese Lyrics,1,Mayabini Ratir Bukut,1,Mayamoi Rupali Junak Lyrics,1,Mayukh Hazarika,2,Meghali Borokha,2,Meghor Jolonga Lyrics,1,Melani Belar Bidai Logon Lyrics,1,Meli Dilu Mon Lyrics,1,Milonore Ei Xubho Lyrics,1,Mini Tor Piche Piche Lyrics,1,Mintu Kumar Nath,2,Mission China,1,Mitali Choudhury,1,Mitalir Sonmoni,1,Mitha Mitha Kothare Lyrics,1,Modar Ful Lyrics,1,Modarore Phul Henu Lyrics,1,Modhulogon Lyrics Lyrics,1,Mohabahu Brahmaputra,1,Mohabahu Brahmaputra Lyrics,1,Mohammad Rafi,3,Moi Bisarisu Hejar Sokut Lyrics,1,Moi Ei Matire Lora Lyrics,1,Moi Eti Jajabor Lyrics,1,Moi Janatar Prane Prane Lyrics,1,Moi Jen Ajibon Uroniya Mou Lyrics,1,Moi Jetia Ei Jibonor,1,Moi Jetiya Ei Jibonor Lyrics,1,Moi Ji Batere Ulalu Aji,1,Moi Misiki Hahire Lyrics,1,Moi Morim Jidina Lyrics,1,Moina Kun Bidhatai hajile,1,Moinakon Bakhor,1,Moloyar Dupakhit Lyrics,1,Mon Aji Hoi Ura Pokhi Lyrics,1,Mon Dole Lyrics,1,Mon Faguni,1,Mon gol kiyonu Lyrics,1,Mon Hira Doi Lyrics,1,mon jaai,1,Mon Moina,1,Mon Pokhila Lyrics,1,Moni Nobow Lyrics,1,Monole Ubhoti Ahe Lorali Lyrics,2,Monoloi Ubhoti Ahe Lorali,1,Monor Nijanot Junak Lyrics,1,Monore Deuka Lyrics,1,Monore Kobita Lyrics,1,Monore Podulit Lyrics,1,Monote Pore Lyrics,1,Mor Maa Lyrics,1,Mora Aauxir Rati Lyrics,1,Mori Jaam Mori Jaam Lyrics,1,Morilong Morilong Lagi Jai Lyrics,1,Morom Barhe Lyrics,1,Morom Dili Seneh Dili Lyrics,1,Morom Dilu Tumak Lyrics,1,Morom Kori De Lyrics,1,Moromdoi Song lyrics,1,Morome Dhuwai Niya Lyrics,2,Morome Tanise Lyrics,1,Moromere Suwana Lyrics,1,Moromjaan,1,Moromjan,1,Moromot Matisu Lyrics,1,Motoliya Botahe Lyrics,1,Mousam Gogoi,2,Mridula Das,1,Mrinal Kanti,1,Mrinal Kr. Choudhury,1,Mrinal Kumar Choudhury,1,Mrittyu Xaboti Xomadhi Tolit Lyrics,1,Mrityunjoy Kakati,1,Mugdha Hiya Mur Lyrics,1,Mugdho Hiya Mur Lyrics,1,Mukha,1,Mukhot Dudal Dubori Bon Lyrics,1,Mukoli Lyrics,1,Mukti,2,Mukti - Mrittu Etiya Hohoj Lyrics,1,Mukti 1997,1,Muktikaami Lakkhya Janar Lyrics,1,Mukul Baba,1,Mukul Baruah,1,Munmi Borah,1,Mur Aaji Xandhiyar Lyrics,1,Mur Akakhot Tumiye Tora Lyrics,1,Mur Babe Tumi Lyrics,1,Mur Barit Fulile Lyrics,1,Mur Dhuniya Xopun Lyrics,1,Mur Dristit Tumi Dhora Porila Lyrics,1,Mur Gaan Jodi Xunisa Lyrics,1,Mur Gaanole Boxonto Ahe Lyrics,1,Mur Gaanote Jole Lyrics,1,Mur Ganor Xote Lyrics,1,Mur Ganor Xote Tur Lyrics,1,Mur Geetei Mur Porisoi Lyrics,1,Mur Jaan Oi Lyrics,1,Mur Kothai Amoni Korene Lyrics,1,Mur Mon Bonote Lyrics,1,Mur Mone Ki Bisare,1,Mur Monore Kalpanat Lyrics,1,Mur Monore Kolponat,1,Mur Naam Aniruddho Lyrics,1,Mur Poduli Murole Lyrics,1,Mur Raag Karabire Lyrics,1,Mur Xomadhit Lyrics,1,Mure Bharotore Lyrics,1,Mure Jibonore Lyrics,1,Mure Jibonore Xokha Krishna Lyrics,1,Murei Gaanor Ortho Lyrics,1,Naam Ghoroloi Xorai Lyrics,1,Naba Jana Jibonor Lyrics,1,Naba Jibonor Silpi Lyrics,1,Nababarsha,1,Nababarsha (নৱবৰ্ষ) Poem,1,Nabanita Sharma,2,Nahid Afrin,1,Nahor,1,Nahor 2016,1,Nahor Phool Lyrics,1,Nahorore Pate Pate Junak Lyrics,1,Naimisha Bora,1,Najanu Hobola Lyrics,1,Najitora 2019,1,Najitora Biya Patu Lyrics,1,Namita,1,Namita Bhattacharya,1,Nanda Banerjee,1,nanda geet,1,Nao Loi Animgoi,1,Nasoni Dhuniya Lyrics,1,Nasoni Lyrics,1,National Anthem Of India Lyrics,1,Natun Nagini Tumi Lyrics,1,Natun Natun Sah Lyrics,1,Navakanta Barua,2,Navanita Sharma Bora,1,Nayak,1,Nayane Nayane Lyrics,1,Nayanor Sokulu Loi Lyrics,1,Neel Akakhor Eta Tora Lyrics,1,Neel akash,24,Neel Akash & Dimpee Baishya,1,neel akash best song,8,Neel Xagoror Xomirone Lyrics,1,Nekandiba Lyrics,1,Nelage Muk,1,Nesau Tumak Ebaru Lyrics,1,New Assamese Bihu,1,new assamese song,43,new assamese song 2020,20,New Assamese Song 2021,3,NEW ASSAMESE SONG LYRICS,19,Nibir Bone Je Lyrics,1,Nidiya Nidiya Lyrics,1,Nikhar Xewali Xore Lyrics,1,Nikita Nizam Goswami,1,Nila Nila Dusokut Lyrics,1,Nilakshi Neog,6,Nilanjana Lyrics,1,Nilav Nita,1,Nilima Khatun,8,Nimati Koina,3,Nimati Koina Lyrics,1,Nimati Koina O Lyrics,1,Niramal Mishra,1,Nirmal Prabha Bordoloi,16,Nirmala Mishra,3,Nirmali Das,3,Nirmalprabha Bordoloi,5,Nirmol Probha Bordoloi,1,Nisola Aaire Lyrics,1,Nitupam Dihingia,1,Nixongo Mon,3,Niyore Tupe Tupe Lyrics,1,nk production,1,No Puhoror Rod Kasolit Lyrics,1,Nodi Mathu Boi Lyrics,1,Nohole Porichoy,1,Nohole Porichoy Hiyare Lyrics,1,Noie Noie Oinitom Lyrics,1,Nojonake Lyrics,1,Nojonake Nubujake Lyrics,1,Nomu Matri Axoma Lyrics,1,Noori Alisha,1,Norokonkalor Nrittyo Lyrics,1,Norokot Ji Jui Jole Lyrics,1,Notun Bharot Lyrics,1,Notun Dinole Jatra Korili Lyrics,1,Notun Dinor No Suwali Lyrics,1,Notun Ei Xomaj Nitir Lyrics,1,Nubuju Nubuju Lyrics,1,Nupur Lyrics,1,Nupure Mate Run Jun Lyrics,1,Nupure Mate Runjun Lyric,1,Nusuwa Solere Song Lyrics,1,Nuwari Nuwari,1,O Alohi Aa Lyrics,1,O Amar Gaon Lyrics,2,O Axomiya Deka Dol Lyrics,1,O Bandh O Xiparor Bandh Lyrics,1,O Bharotire Lyrics,1,O Bharotore Lyrics,1,O Bideshi Bandhu,1,O Bulu Roi Ja Lyrics,1,O Dhun Dhunia Lyrics,1,O Dhun Dhuniya Mur Lyrics,1,O Guru Mur Sankar Lyrics,1,O Hori Ekhon Srajila Lyrics,1,O Horu Bhoniti Lyrics,1,O Janata Lyrics,1,O Jume Jume Lyrics,1,O Kolija Lyrics,1,O Ma - Gaan Eti Guwa Na Lyrics,1,O Ma Moi Rati Hopunot Lyrics,1,O Maijaan Tuke Dekha Pai Lyrics,1,O Maloti Kotha Eti Lyrics,1,O Meghali Lyrics,1,O Monimala Lyrics,1,O Mur Bhoiyai Lyrics,1,O Mur Nawor Bhorokha Nai,1,O Mur Puhor Boragi Lyrics,1,O Mur Ronor Teji Ghora Lyrics,1,O Mure Jaan Lyrics,1,O Mure Priya Lyrics,1,O Nabou O Lyrics,1,O Nobou O Lyrics,1,O Pori Lyrics,1,O Prithibi Aru Kiman Din Lyrics,1,O Prithibi Lyrics,1,O Prithibir Kobi Lyrics,1,O Pujari Adori Lyrics,1,O Rongali Xuruje Lyrics,1,O Seng Ki Morom Logali Ko Lyrics,1,O Seni Mai,1,O Thunuka Kasghar Lyrics,1,O Xokhi Ahibo Piya Lyrics,2,O Xokhi Aji Joubon Lyrics,1,O Xun Moromi Lyrics,2,O Xuworoni Lyrics,1,O’ Deuta Lyrics,1,Oi Jaan Oi,1,Oi Nahor Togor Aarote Lyrics,1,Oi Oi Akakh Xubo Lyrics,1,Ojanite Lyrics,1,Ojanite Mone Mone Lyrics,1,Okuwa Pokuwa Baat Lyrics,1,Old Assamese Lyrics,733,old assamese song,9,Olop Hahi Olop Ashru Lyrics,1,Olouguti Tolouguti Lyrics,1,Ondho Aakash Lyrics,1,Osina Batote Rou Lyrics,1,Osinaki Mon,1,Otikoi Senehor Lyrics,1,Paar hoi Gol Dhumuha Ejak Lyrics,1,Paar Hoi Gol Dhumuha Lyrics,1,Padel Maari Maari Lyrics,1,Pagoli Song Lyrics,1,Pahari Suwali Lyrics,1,Pahi Meli Song Lyrics,1,Pahi Pahi Gulapote Lyrics,1,Pahorai Diya Lyris,1,Pakhi,2,Pakhi Kore Roon Roon Lyrics,1,Pakhi Loga Mone,1,Pakhi Pakhi,1,Pakhi Pakhi Ei Mon Lyrics,1,Pakkhiraaj Ghora Lyrics,1,Palash Gogoi,4,Palash Surya Gogoi,1,panchana lyrics,1,panchana rabha,2,Papon,16,papon assamese song,4,Papon Lyrics,5,Papon New Song,1,Papori Gogoi,1,Para Jodi Huana Mur Lyrics,1,Parijat,1,Parineeta Borthakur,1,Parinita Barthakur,1,Paror Pokhit,1,Parvati Prasad Baruva,1,Pasolir Bagisa Horu Bagisa Lyrics,1,Path,1,Pawe Pori Hori Lyrics,1,Pedel Mari Mari Lyrics,1,Phool Fulise Baxontor,1,Phool Phulok Rodore Phool Lyrics,1,Phulibo Diya Lyrics,1,Pinkal Pratyush,2,Pinku Das,1,Pitri Griho Tyagi Lyrics,1,poem,6,Pogola Pogola Lyrics,1,Pokhi Pokhi Mon Mur,1,POKHILA,1,Pokhila Pakhire Pal Lyrics,1,Pokhila Pakhit Lyrics,1,Police Dada Lyrics,1,Politics Nokoriba Bondhu Lyrics,2,Pompi Gogoi,1,Pompi Purab,1,Popiya Tora Lyrics,1,popular assamese song,1,Porbotor Dhek Dhekia Lyrics,1,Porbotote Fulile Lyrics,2,Porohi Puwate Lyrics,1,Porojonomor Xubho Logonot,1,Pothe Pothe Bohu Baat Buli Lyrics,1,Prabhat Sarma,2,Pranati Naba Jana Jibonor Lyrics,1,Pranipat,1,Pranita Baishya,1,Pranoy Dutta,1,Prashanta Bordoloi,1,Pratham Dekhatei Lyrics,1,Pratham Morome Jodi Lyrics,1,Pratham Prahar Ratri Lyrics,1,Pratidhwani Shunu Lyrics,1,Preetir Hubakhe Lyrics,1,Preetir Xubakhe Lyrics,1,Prerona Lyrics,1,Prithibi Dhuniya Lyrics,1,Prithibi Khon Aji Lyrics,1,Prithibir Sokupani Lyrics,1,Prithibit Thapibole Lyrics,1,Priti Bhora Kabitare Lyrics,1,Priti Bhora Lyrics,1,Pritire Xubaxe Lyrics,1,Priyam Pallabee,1,Priyanka Bharali,2,Priyanka Bhorali,1,Priyanka Kalita,1,Priyar Priyo,1,Prohelika Lyrics,1,Prothom Prem Lyrics,1,Protidine Tumi Diya Aahi,1,Protitu Pol Lyrics,1,Puhor Dekhor Pokhilar Jake Lyrics,1,Puhor Nopora Fulot Lyrics,1,Puhoror Fot Pindhi Lyrics,1,Puhorore saaki Gosi Lyrics,1,Pulak Banerjee,2,PUNAM NATH,1,Puoti Nixar Hopun,1,Puthi Mass Lyrics,1,Puwar Bokul Butoli Lyrics,1,Puwar Rodali,1,Puwotir Ganokei Lyrics,1,Queen Das,1,Raadweep,1,Rabindranath Tagore,1,Radha Rukmini Lyrics,1,RAHUL GAUTAM,1,Raij Aji Bhawariya Lyrics,1,Rajashree Saikia,1,Rajendra Chutia,1,Rajshri Kalita,1,RAKESH REEYAN,10,Rakesh Reyaan,1,RAMDHENU,2,Ramen Barua,7,Rang Diya Morom Lyrics,1,Rati Bahi Bai Lyrics,1,RATI RATI,1,Ratipuwa Hui Uthi Lyrics,1,Ratipuwa Xui Uthi Lyrics,1,RATNAKAR,3,Reboti Lyrics,1,Rekib,1,Renu Sharma,1,Rib Rib Ke Ba Bolise Lyrics,1,Richa Chetry,1,Richa Sharma,1,Ridip Dutta,4,Ridip Rankit,1,Rim Jhim Borokhune,1,Rimjhim-Jhim Boroxun Porisil Lyrics,1,Rinku Priyang,1,Ritrisha,2,Ritu Ahe - Nixongo Mon Lyrics,1,Rituparna Sharma,3,Rock,2,Rod Aji Keni Pau Lyrics,1,Rodali Tumi Lyrics,1,Rodor Sithi (Title Track) Lyrics,1,Roi Roi Keteki Lyrics,1,Rong,3,Ronga Jiya Lyrics,1,Ronga Nila Pokhila 2013,1,Roopjyoti,1,Rowd,2,Rowd Aaji Keni Pau Lyrics,1,Rowd Hoi Aha Tumi Lyrics,1,Rudra Baruah,3,Rukmini Song Lyrics,1,Rukshana Lyrics,1,Rumi Anjana Choudhury,1,Runjun Phukan,3,Runjun Reboot,1,rupali kashyap songs,1,Rupalim,1,Rupam,1,Sadhana Sargam,1,Sadhna Sargam,1,Saheb Jai Agote Lyrics,1,Samabeta Sangeet,1,Samar Hazarika,1,Samayar Agragatir Lyrics,1,Sandhya Jetiya Lyrics,1,Sangeeta Borthakur,1,Sangita Borthakur,1,Sangita Kakati,1,Sangita Sarma,1,Santa Uzir,1,Santana Baruah,1,Saraniya Patharar Garakhiya Geet Lyrics,1,Saru Gohain,1,Satabdi Borah,1,Satis Das,1,Satish Das,3,Sekuri Sekuri lyrics,1,Seni Seni Senimai,1,Sesa Pori Jabo Nidiba Lyrics,1,Shamiyana Lyrics,1,Shanta Uzir,2,Shawn Dex,1,Shilongare Godhuli Lyrics,1,shiva,1,Shreya Ghoshal,1,Shyam Kanu Satyor Moron Nai Lyrics,1,sikuti sikuti assamese lyrics,1,Silaa Lyrics,1,Sile Sile Theka Khale Lyrics,1,simanta sekhar,1,Simanta Shekhar,8,Sinaki Sinaki Mukh,1,Sinaki Tumar Logote Lyrics,1,Sip Sip Borokhunot Lyrics,1,Siparot Dekhun Bohutu Xopun Lyrics,1,Sirasundare Dhoribo Khujise Lyrics,1,Siro hundor Lyrics,1,Siro Hundorok Dekhisilu Lyrics,1,Sishu,2,Sitrolekha Nasun Nase Lyrics,1,Sloke,1,Smriti Das,1,Snehe Amar Xot Lyrics,1,sobdo,1,Soku Meli Nasaba,1,Sonu Nigam,1,Sorai Bonoriya Lyrics,1,Sorai Halodhiya Lyrics,1,Srimanta Madhabdev,1,Srimanta Sankore Lyrics,1,Srimoyee Axomir Lyrics,1,Sristir Xupanot Lyrics,1,Subasana Dutta,6,Subasna Dutta,1,Subasona Dutta,1,Subhneel,1,Sudhin Dasgupta,1,Sui Diyana Lyrics,1,Sui Diyana Muk Ahi Ebar Lyrics,1,Suma Diyana,1,Suma Diyana Lyrics,1,Sumi Kakati,1,Sunit Gogoi,1,Super Hit Assamese Song,1,Surekha Chhetri,1,Suren Suror Putek,1,Surya Prakash Medhi,1,Suryakumar Raja,1,Sushanta Mon,1,Sushmita,1,Susuk Samakkoi Lyrics,1,Swadhin Sitiya Lyrics,1,Swarup Kakati,1,Syd Saddulla,1,Tafajjul Ali,3,Tanbeer Mashooq,1,Tarali Sarma,5,Tarali Sharma,1,Tarulata Kutum,1,Tarun Sharma,4,Tarun Tanmoy,6,Tez Rangoli Sonitpuri Lyrics,1,Tezere Bulere Likhi Jam Lyrics,1,Thakim Tumar Hote Hukhot Lyrics,1,Thakim Tumar Hote Lyrics,1,Tik Tik Koi Lyrics,1,Tilai Tilai Ghuri Fure Lyrics,1,Tiranga Nisan Bijoyi Nisan Lyrics,1,Tomoxa O Nibir Lyrics,1,Tora Lyrics,1,Torali,1,Toramaai Song Lyrics,1,treen sharma,1,Trion Mahanta,1,Trishna Devi,1,Tritiya Srenir Jatri,1,Tritiya Srenir Jatri Ami Lyrics,1,Tuk Moi Dekha Nai Lyrics,1,Tule Diya Xoraighat Lyrics,1,Tuleke Saye Ase Lyrics,1,Tulokhir Tole Tole Lyrics,1,Tulonabiheen Lyrics,1,Tumake Napale Jaanmoni Lyrics,1,Tumake Rakhu Bukute,1,Tumake Rakhu Bukute Lyrics,1,Tumar Babe Lyrics,1,Tumar Dusokut,1,Tumar Dusokute Lyrics,1,Tumar Fulore Mala Lyrics,1,Tumar Morome Mur Lyrics,1,Tumar Moromote Moi Lyrics,1,Tumar Rathar Jaydhwaja Lyrics,1,Tumar Ukhah Kohua Kumol Lyrics,1,Tumar Ukhahot Lyrics,1,Tumar Umaal Moromor Lohorot Lyrics,1,Tumar uxahot by neel akash,1,Tumi Ahiba Buli Lyrics,1,Tumi Ahile,1,Tumi Aji Mur Lyrics,1,Tumi Akaxot Lyrics,1,Tumi Dusokut Kajol Lole,1,Tumi Janane Xagor Gobhir Kiman Lyrics,1,Tumi Je Nai Lyrics,1,Tumi Jen Popiya Tora Lyrics,1,Tumi Jiliki Jiliki Thoka,1,Tumi Jiliki Jiliki Thoka Lyrics,1,Tumi Kar Kobitare Kolpona Lyrics,1,Tumi Kobane Lyrics,1,Tumi Kun Lyrics,1,Tumi Moi Edin,1,Tumi Mor Matho Mur,1,Tumi Mur Mathu Mur,4,Tumi Nokoleu Lyrics,1,Tumi Suwa Jetiya,1,Tumi Tumi Loga Lyrics,1,Tumi Xur Eti Gun Gun Lyrics,1,Tur Bhabonar Ganor Lyrics,1,Tur Gaan Guwarei Anondote Lyrics,1,Tur Ganote Mur Lyrics,1,Tur Hoyei Rom Lyrics,1,Tur Monot Jodi Nopore Lyrics,1,Tur Pujar Dhupor Lyrics,1,Tur Sokur Monit Lyrics,1,Tur Thaponat Mur Sakitu Lyrics,1,Tur Thaponat Sokulu Lyrics,1,Tur Xidinar Puwar Lyrics,1,Tur Xote Mur Pratham,1,Turut Turut Lyrics,1,Udakh Nohobi Dekhi Endhar Lyrics,1,Udit Narayan,1,Ujai a Jaa Noi,1,Ujaye Ahile Bhatire Lyrics,1,ujjwal aarong,2,Ujonir Dujoni Gabhoru,1,Ukhokoi Saporkoi,1,Ukhokoi Saporkoi Lyrics,1,Ulai Aah O Lyrics,1,Unmona Mon,2,Unmona Mone Mathu Lyrics,1,Upen Kakati,4,Ur Ur Xantir Pokhiti Lyrics,1,Utpal Das,1,Val Nalage Jana Lyrics,1,Valentine Day,1,Valpower Khiriki Lyrics,1,Vijay Bhuiya,1,Vivek,1,vreegu kashyap,7,Vreegu Kashyap & Barnali Kalita,1,Vreeguu Kashyap,1,Wedding Song,1,Wedding Song - Lajore Uroni Lyrics,1,Xaar Pam Moi Lyrics,1,Xaat Hagoror Dekh Lyrics,1,Xachipaator Xadhu,1,Xagorika Kinu Kola Lyrics,1,Xaliki O Lyrics,1,Xaliki Puwar Lyrics,1,Xamayar Agragati Lyrics,1,Xarodi Rani Lyrics,1,Xendur Xendur Prabhati Lyrics,1,Xeujiya Mon Xeujiya Praan Lyrics,1,Xil Pai Jopiyai Lyrics,1,Xobdo,2,Xomoi Gotixil Lyrics,1,Xonit Kuwori,1,Xopun,1,Xopun Mur Tumi,1,Xopun Mur Tumi Lyrics,1,Xopunor Xore Mou Lyrics,1,Xora Pate Pate Fagun Lyrics,2,Xoru Manuh Lyrics,1,Xorukoi Bokul Ful Lahi Lyrics,1,Xu Usso Paharor Lyrics,1,Xun Rupereu Lyrics,1,Xuna Xei Gaan Lyrics,1,Xunali Monor Malikoni Lyrics,1,Xundori Pomila Lyrics,1,Xunere Xojuwa Poja,1,Xuni Ki Nuxuni O Lyrics,1,Xunor Kathir Porokh Lyrics,1,Xunore Xopun Vangi Lyrics,1,Xuoroni Jogai Poem,1,Xur Nogorir Xuror Kumare Lyrics,1,Xurjya Udai Jodi Lyrics,1,Xurore Deulore Lyrics,1,Xuvro Bolokar Deukat Lyrics,1,Xuworoni Mur Lyrics,1,Zubeen Garg,226,Zubeen Garg & Aparajita Choudhury,1,Zubeen Garg & Babu Baruah,1,Zubeen Garg & Chayanika Bhuyan,1,Zubeen Garg & Priyanka,1,zubeen garg best songs,16,Zubeen Garg Mashup,1,Zubeen Garg New Song Lyrics,1,Zubin Garg,2,Zublee,2,Zublee Baruah,9,Zunn Saharia,1,অ চেনিমাই,1,অ ধুন ধুনিয়া,1,অ মোৰে প্ৰিয়া,1,অ' বিদেশী বন্ধু,1,অ' মণিমালা,1,অচিনাকি মন,1,অনামিকা আঙুলি বুলাই,1,আই তোক কিহেৰে পুজিমে,1,আকাশী গংগা বিচৰা নাই,1,আকুলি বিকুলি,1,আতৰি গলা,1,আহ আহ ওলাই আহ,1,আহে বা নাহে,1,উজায়ে যা নৈ,1,এইবেলি মোক,1,এটা কথা কোৱানা,1,এটি সপোন দিয়ানা,1,এতিয়া হিয়া মোৰ,1,ঐ জান ঐ,1,কʼবিনে কথাটি‌,1,কত জোৱানৰ মৃত্যু,1,কাউৰী পৰে,1,কাজল লতা তোমাৰে নাম,1,কি নাম দি মাতিম,1,কোন তুমি,1,গুণ গুণ কাণে কাণে,1,চকু মেলি নাচাবা,1,চিকুটি চিকুটি,1,চিনাকি চিনাকি মুখ,1,চুমা দিয়ানা,1,চেনি চেনি চেনিমাই,1,জয়া নাই জয়া নাই,1,জানো জানো,1,জানো জানো ময়ো জানো,1,জিলেলে জিলেলে,1,জুবিন,1,জোনাকী ৰাতি,1,জোনাকে বিচাৰে কি,1,ঢৌ তুলি নাচিলে বুকু,1,তৰা,1,তুমি আহিলে,1,তুমি চোৱা যেতিয়া,1,তুমি চোৱা যেতিয়া দুচকু তুলি,1,তুমি জিলিকী জিলিকী থকা,1,তুমি মই এদিন,1,তুমি যে নাই,1,তুলনাবিহীন,1,তৃতীয় শ্ৰেণীৰ যাত্ৰী,1,তোমাৰ উশাহতে যে মই,1,দিন জ্বলে,1,নন্দ গীত,1,নৱবৰ্ষ,1,নহ’লে পৰিচয় হিয়াৰে,1,নাওঁ লৈ আনিম গৈ,1,নাহৰ ফুল,1,নোৱাৰি নোৱাৰি,1,পখি পখি মন মোৰ,1,পখিলা,1,পৰজনমৰ শুভ লগনত,1,পাখি পাখি,1,পাখি লগা মনে,1,পাৰৰ পাখিত গাথিঁ দিলো,1,পাৰিজাত,1,পুৱাৰ ৰ’দালি,1,প্ৰতিদিনে তুমি দিয়া আহি,1,প্ৰথম প্ৰেম,1,ফুল ফুলিছে বসন্তৰ,1,বগী বগী,1,বাজাজ স্কুটাৰ,1,বাহঁৰ বিচনা,1,বিলতে হালিছে,1,বিস্তীৰ্ণ পাৰৰে,1,বিহুকে নাচি দিঙ,1,বেয়া পালে নেকি,1,ভণ্টি ৰানুমাই,1,ভালপোৱাৰ খিৰিকী,1,মই যেতিয়া এই জীৱনৰ,1,মইনা কোন বিধাতাই সাজিলে,1,মইনাকণ বাখৰ,1,মন যায়,1,মনৰে ডেউকা,1,মনলৈ উভতি আহে ল’ৰালি,1,মহাবাহু ব্ৰহ্মপুত্ৰ,1,মা আমি শদিয়ালৈ,1,মানুহে মানুহৰ বাবে,1,মায়াবিনি ৰাতিৰ বুকুত,1,মোৰ মনৰে কল্পনাৰ,1,ৰাতি জ্বলে,1,ৰাতি ৰাতি,1,ৰামধেনু,1,ৰিম্ ঝিম্ বৰষুণে,1,ৰুক্মিণী,1,লাডেন আছিল পলাই,1,সপোনত আজি,1,সোণেৰে সজোৱা পজা,1,হিয়াৰ এপাহি গোলাপ,1,
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